Knowledge Jam is a resource for the UAB community in their pursuit of learning digital media skills. Whether you’re interested in videography, photography, social media, web design, content strategy, graphic design, or audio production, Knowledge Jam is here to help. Browse our featured categories on the home page’s right sidebar or listen to The Toast to keep up with the latest trends and the tried-and-truth methods of digital media production. If there’s something in particular that you need help with click on the Request link and contact us using the “Knowledge Request” form. 

UAB Digital Media is a digital media resource and production center focused on student opportunity. As part of the College of Arts and Sciences, we help to tell the stories of students, faculty, and staff. We work to keep the online presence of the College current by improving departmental websites. We also take on projects from other UAB and non-UAB entities.

Our projects are managed by professionals but produced by students. This continues our's mission of educating by giving students the opportunity to develop their talents, build a portfolio, and work in a dynamic team-based environment.

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