Studio App

I am not a graphic designer. I am not an illustrator, and I am not a printmaker. This makes life a tad bit difficult for me because what I am is an event planner who is constantly in need of a flyer within a moment’s notice. While my computer is equipped with all the Adobe software I’d need to make something decent, my life just isn’t equipped with the time to do so. I need something fast, something visually appealing and something I can post on the web as soon as I get it.

Enter Studio Design.

Available in the App Store, Studio Design (Studio for short) is the answer to every design-hungry iPhone photographer’s prayers. The way Studio works is fairly simple: You choose a photo from your camera roll and go from there adding all sorts of overlays. From frames to text and even little doodles, Studio allows you to customize your image to say what you want it to say and look exactly how you want it to look. The custom design packs available to download through the app give users all the more options when it comes to pre-made overlays and layouts. Not only that, but Studio allows you to “remix” designs made by others (it’s the perfect salute to Steal Like an Artist).  

Since its debut, Studio has been making waves within the world of iPhone-ography. "What Instagram Did For Photography, This App Will Do For Design" raves Mashable. Though personally I do not use Studio as a social network, it has the capabilities to be just that. Users can select designers to follow and use their work within the app as inspiration for their own pieces. Just as Instagram has an “Explore” page, Studio has a "Featured" page showing off some of the developer’s favorite designers and designs. What I love about this is that it’s not just the most popular designs that make the page, but those that have really used the app to its full potential, too. One of my favorite features of the app is the bookmark feature, allowing you to save the designs you love. It creates an almost Pinterest-like effect to refer back to for reference. 

One thing to keep in mind — knowing how to mess around on Studio does not make one a graphic designer just like using Instagram to take a photo does not make one a photographer.  I use Studio for when I need a quick fix and don’t have access to a computer with the Creative Suite. Through my experiences I’ve found my creations through the app to be best for digital dissemination purposes. The quality of the photos is great on a screen, but I wouldn’t suggest taking it much further than that. At the end of the day, the only way you’ll know if Studio is right for you is if you go try it out for yourself.

Check out some of my designs below. You can follow me on Studio @karlakho if you want to see more of my little creations.