iPhoneography Apps

With the explosion of smartphones in the last several years, the photography capabilities of inexperienced, ordinary people have skyrocketed. No longer do you have to understand how to work a fancy camera, the settings or photoshop to capture and enjoy high quality pictures. With just the tap of a button you can edit, filter and post great looking images with nothing more than your phone. Here are a few of the apps that I use the most and I think will serve you well:


  • Precisely capture a photograph with exposure and focus settings in the camera and the best, most natural filters on the market today.


  • One of the best comprehensive detail editing apps around and is free.


  • Used primarily for light leaks and custom white borders.


  • Great combination of filters, shapes and other editing tools.


  • Will give significant photo alteration by using grains, gradients and light leaks.


  • Digitizes the film and polaroid feel of pictures


Now let's just look at some of the pictures that I've captured along with how I used certain apps to reach the finished product.


Contrary to the illusion the picture gives, this is not an image of Narnia, but rather a snowy night in Birmingham from just a couple weeks ago. I took the raw image and began editing it first with Mextures. Where I added gradients, emulsions, grit and grain and tweaked the color scheme a bit.  To give it a more finished touch I used VSCO f3 preset.


Polaroids were a classic staple of the 90’s and now they are back but in digital form. This nifty picture was made using VSCO b2 preset and then I used Lo-Mob to make it look like a polaroid! (Tip: Use Afterlight to give it a white frame which will import it correctly into Instagram!)


Taken in my kitchen, the lighting was fantastic on a Sunday morning. I used VSCO cam to take and edit the picture. The exposure and focus was adjusted then I applied the c1 filter.


The lighting is my favorite part of this picture. A snow day was a perfect opportunity for a blanket fort and I was able to capture a snapshot of the magic. Again VSCO was the app of choice here with the c1 preset which highlights bold yet controlled colors and lighting.


Snapseed is one of the best free apps around for editing the details. Ambiance to Saturation and everything in between. Before editing, the tree was barely able to be seen due to the fog.  I use Snapseed when a picture needs to be dramatically lightened or altered in a substantial way.


I was so excited with the way this picture turned out. Faded combines the best features from a slew of other editing apps and combines them into one. From borders, shapes, filters and this overlay feature, Faded brings just about everything you need to edit into one convenient app for just .99 cents.