Setting Up a File in Photoshop


When you first open a file with Photoshop there are many different options to choose from. Your file can be measured in inches or pixels. Your resolution is specific to what your file will be used for. If it is for the web the resolution needs to be 72. If the file is for print the resolution should be 300. Color mode is also unique to what your file is for. RGB is the color mode for files created for the web and CMYK is for files that are going to be printed. RGB stands for blue, green, and blue. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. The reason you do not want large files for the web is because it will take much longer to load.


The window that opens up next will have your art board. On the left is the tool bar and on the right is the layers panel. It is important to have your layers panel open because Photoshop works in layers.



The top drop down menu item image → adjustments will give the entire image editing items needed to change a pictures look.


Under the image drop down there is a link for image size. This is a very useful tool when you need to resize an image’s resolution and size or to see how pig an image is.


Here is a list of the different tools offered in the tool bar. If you clock and hold on any of the icons, you can see the other tools in that specific category.

Here are the options for saving a file in Photoshop. You can select save as to save as a .jpg file. When you save as a .jpeg file the document is flattened as in all the layers become one layer. You want to make sure you also save a .psd file and that will leave your file just as it was when you close. All of your layers will stay separate and you can continue to edit.

You can also save your file for the web as a PNG or Gif file. If you are making an image for the web you need to select save for web.