The 7 Must-Have Apps at UAB

Campus is blazing with life now that classes are back in session. Whether you’re just starting at UAB or are coming back for another lap, these are the 7 must-have apps you need to thrive and survive.


CANVAS is UAB’s learning management system and the bread and butter of your classes. If you have a tech-savvy professors your syllabi, grades, and assignments are all on it so this app gives you access to it all on the go. The app has many of the same feature of the desktop version, but it has the added notification feature for assignments and deadlines.


Imagine having to run across campus to the library printers on a sweltering day only to find that the computers are being used or you don’t have BlazerBucks to print. It’s happened to the best of us.

Lucky for you, UAB just installed ePrint stations all across campus that work with WEPA. You can upload or email documents from your device to the WEPA cloud and then swipe your ONEcard at any of the stations to print. ePrint stations take BlazerBucks and are conveniently located across campus in the dorms and lobbies of major buildings.


Order food from your phone without talking to people? This is the future. Tapingo lets you skip the line and feel like the VIP that you are.

While UAB has a lot of food options both on and off campus, the lines can be killer. During the lunch rush, you might wait 25 minutes in line for a sandwich -- if you’re lucky. Tapingo (pronounced like "flamingo") is a mobile food ordering app that lets you place pickup or delivery orders from your smart device. It works with all forms of UAB money including dining dollars, meal plan dining dollars, and BlazerBucks, but you can also pay with your debit card. The biggest draw is its scheduling feature, which allows orders to be set for a pre-determined time. Time it right, and your food should be ready and waiting for you when you arrive.


Like most college campuses, parking is a challenge at UAB and losing your parking spot is not worth the quick drive to your next class. You have options, though. Bike, walk, or take the comfy and air conditioned Blazer Express. Rider lets you see the all the bus routes and stops, as well as where the busses are in real time. You can ride the Blazer Express to many locations on campus like UAB Hospital and class, as well as visiting neat spots Barnes & Noble and Five Points.


If you’re dead-set on not toting around a physical planner, Asana is for you. Asana is a nice way to organize all of your assignments by class and due date without all the mess of jotted down reminders on paper. It works well for group work because you can easily assign tasks to people and monitor progress on projects. We use it with our team and can’t live without it. Asana also has fun customizable features like celebration unicorns and pop-up cats to liven things up.


Group projects can be a pain. GroupMe alleviates much of that pain by creating a controlled line of communication. You can set up your groups and have all chats happen on the app with no need to exchange numbers. GroupMe even has a whole new set of emojis that are fun to toy around with.

Pro tip: mute groups or turn off notifications if your phone starts to blow up.


No, this app won’t take you to a rave.

What it will do is provide a virtual safety escort when you need it.

Within the app, users can designate their own safety network of friends, family, or UAB Police to act as virtual guardians. During a safety session, guardians can track your whereabouts and are alerted in the event of an emergency or if you don’t make it to your destination on time. The app also provides an emergency panic button tied directly to UAB Police for immediate help and as a means of reporting suspicious activity.

So there you have it: the most popular and useful apps UAB students and staff swear by. College isn’t easy, but hopefully these will make your experience a bit smoother, so you can focus on the important things like classes -- and sleeping.