How to be an Event Advertising Wizard

So, you’ve got a big event coming up. You need to put together a flyer and make your event known to the public. Easy enough, you can just go into Microsoft Word and prepare your flyer during your lunch break, and have them up on the walls in a couple of hours, right?

Absolutely not. You’ve got to get prepared, or you’ll end up with no participants and a sad, unsuccessful event. Here are a few quick tips to help advertise your event.

1. Plan Your Advertising Method

The most important thing to note right when you begin to organize your event is how you plan to advertise. Do you plan to use social media? Do you have enough followers on your social media accounts? Since nowadays, nearly everyone uses some form of social media, make sure your event finds your audience.

Whether it’s a quirky Twitter post or a flashy flyer (or both), make sure you energize your audience. Give them something to look at, and include every detail they may need to know about your event. Where will the event be held? Is there food? (you need to have food.) All of this info needs to be easily identifiable so that people aren’t just looking at a pretty piece of paper, or another useless Facebook post clogging up their timeline.

2. Graphics Matter

Before you get to work on your flyer in Microsoft Word, consider this: We have all graduated from clipart, and your event goers deserve better than pre-made graphics. There are plenty of resources online for creating beautiful flyers for all types of events.

Our favorite is Canva, an easy tool that requires absolutely zero graphic design training to use. If you’re a little more well-versed, try your hand at creating a logo for your flyer. Creating flyers with compelling graphics will show everyone that you care about the event just as much as you want them to care. Remember when you were a kid and you moved from picture books to chapter books? Not as fun, was it? Same deal here; no graphics, no fun.

Here is an example of a great flyer

Here is an example of a great flyer

3. Utilize Multiple Platforms

In order to get maximum turnout to your event, use more than one method of advertising. Take advantage of multiple platforms to promote your event, including flyers and multiple social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. To keep your platforms uniform and organized, we like to use Buffer which has the capability to schedule posts to go out on multiple platforms at the same time.

The only con is that Buffer is not compatible with Instagram, so keep that in mind when deciding if it’s the right tool for you.

Facebook offers a great tool to invite and engage your potential attendees. Simply create your event, name it, and invite your friends. Add graphics, photos, and status updates to the event page to make it more attractive to those who might be on the fence about going.

Also, make sure all of your advertising platforms connect to each other. Your flyers should link to your social media platforms and using the same graphics from the flyer in your Facebook events brings it all together.  

UAB Athletics does a great job of linking their social media to their flyers. Your event-goers will easily be able to find out more details when your social media handles are on your flyer.

4. Timing

When should you start advertising your event? Well, it depends on the platform. Here are some quick tips:

  • Put your flyers up at least two weeks in advance of your event, preferably in high traffic areas.

  • For social media platforms, make sure you begin posting about your event at least two to three weeks ahead, so that people can begin RSVP-ing and inviting their friends.

The goal here is to make your event as visible as possible for your audience. Not exactly spam, but maaaaaybe a few degrees from spam.

And there you have it folks. All the information you need to make sure your spectacular event turns out as flawless as it could possibly be. And guess what? You did it all without Clip Art.