App of the Month: Alto's Adventure

This is where I start by telling you that I don’t normally ‘’game’’ on my phone. Don’t get me wrong, I hopped on the Angry Bird and Temple Run wagon reeeeeeal quick, but I got off just as quick. Tuck and roll, little sprouts.

Alto’s Adventure was a different ordeal. It was recommended by my private drum lesson instructor. He said the word ‘’llama’’ and that’s basically all I needed to pique my interest.

You play as a llama farmer whose llamas have escaped down a snowy mountain. You then have to snowboard down the mountain collecting your rogue llama friends while avoiding rocks, fires, chasms, and village elders.

What I liked about it:

  1. Simple controls
    The simple controls are what really allowed me to enjoy the indirect parts of Alto’s Adventure. The only controls in the game are ‘’jump’’ and ‘’backflip’’ which you either tap once or hold down on the screen while in the air to achieve.

  2. Rad music
    The music does not fit under the conventional video game genre. It’s very far from the traditional 8-bit sounds - think the Super Mario theme - not ringtone material.

  3. Graphics on fleek
    The calming colors and minimalist graphics are very much #aesthetic. I can tell the developers purposely made it so both the sound and visual aspects of the game equally contributed to the overall experience.

It’s all you could ever ask for in a gaming app. With the explosion of the gaming market, there are lots of companies trying to make their product stand out. Details such as graphics, music, and gamer experience all matter and that’s what made this game my app of the month.

Alto’s Adventure costs $2.99 in the App Store and it’s available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire, but it’s worth every penny. This game is a joy to play and easy to get hooked on.

My rating: 8.7/10 rogue llama friends