Formating for Digital Signage

Earlier this month we discussed some effective ways to advertise your event on-campus. In this post we are going to expand on that and talk about formatting your marketing collateral for UAB’s Digital Screens. With the opening of the new Hill Student Center - UAB has plenty of digital screens around campus -most notably are the ones in student spaces in the Hill Student Center and the Residence Halls. These screens are controlled by Student Affairs Marketing & Communications. However, they are open for the UAB Campus Community to advertise on.

Digital Signs provide a great platform to advertise your event or student organization - they are free to use and can be a great alternative to costly print advertising. But just because you have a great flyer doesn’t mean that it can just be thrown up on a screen. Formatting them will make sure that your information is legible.

Below are tips and instructions on how to get your message noticed on the big screens around campus.


We understand that not everybody comes from a graphic design background. For most digital screens on campus the ad must be 1280px by 720px. What’s a px anyway? Pixels, abbreviated as px, are the building blocks of images. Computer monitors and TV screens display images based on the number of pixels an image is.


So now you know that your ad needs to be 720px by 1280px - what should it look like?

The first thing not to do is take your flyer that is 8.5in by 11in and stretch it to be 720px by 1280px. It is not pleasing to look at and will look even worse blown up on the digital displays. If you are making print and digital advertisements you should create them separately.







Keep in mind that the UAB digital signs already have a lot of text on the screens with the scrolling news feeds and the weather so make your ad simple and to the point. Ads that are text heavy tend to be difficult to read from a distance - try to keep your font size above 24px.


Submitting your digital ad is simple - just fill out the online form and it will be posted within 48 hours. This form submits your ad to screens in the Hill Student Center, Campus Recreation Center, and Residence Halls. Other screens around campus are controlled by individual departments but formatting your ads in this way should work on any screen.