App of the Month: Duolingo

If you’ve ever tried learning a language on your own but found yourself wanting to vomit on those verb conjugations or burn your vocabulary sheets, I highly recommend Duolingo. Remember Rosetta Stone? Yeah, this app is so much better.

Things I liked about it:

1. Balanced Starting Level

This app doesn’t insult your intelligence. I’m always skeptical of educational apps because they range from ‘’baby’s first app’’ to ‘’lol...wut’’. You do hit the ground running, and it is easier to use if you already have a basic concept of the language you want to learn, but it’s definitely not necessary. However, once I really got going I did find that it went through the process a little slower than what I would have liked.

2. Utilization of Various Learning Styles

People learn through many different forms. This app tests your audible, written, and visual understanding of the language. You’re covering most ways of learning this way so you really retain the information. The only thing I would change is the content you start out learning. I’m sure knowing how to say ‘’the woman is drinking milk’’ is useful in some kingdom, but I would rather learn more applicable phrases and build a more advanced vocabulary.

3. Attention Span

Get this, I have a hard time staying engaged on tasks; especially apps. That’s why social media is great! Everything’s fast and in constant motion.With Duolingo, you aren't quizzed the same way every time. They give you a variety of activities like translating sentences, pronouncing words, deciphering sounds, matching pictures, and more.  The achievement sounds can get a bit annoying after a while, but that’s easily fixed in the settings. They’re not so bad if you can typically zone those things out.

Here’s the best part- it’s free! Whaaaaaat?! You mean I can learn to say more than ‘’omelette du fromage’’ in French and woo a potential signif without dropping dolla dolla bills? Yes, you can! It is available in the App Store and Google Play for Androids. Happy learning, little dandelions!

Rating: 9/10 DJ Khaled’s