App of the Month: Beme


Filmmaker and YouTuber, Casey Neistat introduced us to his newest venture earlier this year. Beme is a social media and video platform that allows the person recording to enjoy what’s happening live instead of being distracted by the recording process.


Beme is a video sharing app; you can follow others and invite your friends. Pretty familiar, right? When I first learned about Beme, I was a little apprehensive because it honestly sounded like SnapChat (see previous sentences). But Beme is great because it’s constantly keeping their goal in mind - authentic sharing. SnapChat has recently been crowded with SnapCash, filters, and the discover options. While filters and all are pretty cool, it kind of misses the point of raw video sharing, and that’s where Beme comes to save the day.

However, here’s where Beme differs from SnapChat:

1. Length of video

Videos on SnapChat can be recorded for up to 10 seconds while Beme is only up to about 6 seconds with its most recent update. My fingers are crossed for longer recording time lengths with the next update because having only 6 seconds bums me out when I’ve been spoiled with 10-15 (and now 1 whole minute - shout out to Instagram!).

2. No pictures...well...kind of

On SnapChat, there’s an option of either sharing picture or video. Beme is primarily a video sharing platform, but there is a way to share pictures. Beme features a ‘’reactions’’ option where you can snap pictures of your live reactions to other Bemes you’re watching. I also like this more than SnapChat’s feature because you can’t really screenshot reactions. If you do, you’ll have to screenshot various times since Beme plays back your reactions in a gif-like format. Plus, you can send reactions while still watching whatever Beme you’re reacting to instead of switching to a completely different screen.

3. Controls

Beme wins in the controls department or at least they used to until their most recent update. On iOS devices, it utilized the proximity sensor near the front facing camera to begin recording. You could essentially hold it against your chest or knee and start recording a video which was SO NEAT! It also gave you a clear vibration to let you know when you’ve started or stopped recording.There’s a slight delay, similar to SnapChat, but it’s nice that Beme lets you know when to expect your video to actually record footage. 

However, in order to accommodate the Android users, they had to do away with the proximity sensor function and now in order to take a video, you simply hold down the screen. The app still lets you know with a visible countdown how many seconds you have left for recording which is nice. But darn those Android users (sorry, guys)!

Rating: 8/10 Boosted Boards